The Beginning

I started my self-publishing career back in 2010 with 12 massive selfhelp textbooks, ten in English and two in German language. I called those guides ‘Idiot Guides.’

The Idiot Guide to Consciousness

THE IDIOT GUIDE TO CONSCIOUSNESS presents a novelty approach to consciousness research. The author shows that boosting our level of self-awareness can be undertaken as a deliberate activity, and has nothing ‘magic’ about it.

5000 years of patriarchy by and large suppressed the intuitive wisdom of the ancient world and replaced it by large-scale dogmatism and the control of the individual by first the ecclesiastical dominators and later the nation states with their blown-up police forces, their secret agents, and their fast growing prison miles. This led to more and more people being discarded out of mainstream society because of their intellectual, emotional and sexual difference.

However, people often do not realize their highest potential because they lack a critical mindset in the face of conformity pressure and the general solidifying framework of modern consumer culture that models citizens instead of accepting them as they are – in their full humanity. To develop humanity at a level beyond the norm, self-awareness and critical thinking must go together, whereas mere criticism leads to inevitable projections.

The approach the author has taken is to combine insights from his background in law and political science with consciousness research, and to offer the reader practical work tools for developing self-awareness. Consciousness boosting is achieved through writing statements where the reader intuits their present level of awareness in all areas treated in the guide, that is General Level, Love, Power, Science, Health, Emotions, and Peace. After having done this awareness check, consciousness will do the rest, for it is self-healing, self-cleaning, self-renewing and self-progressing from the moment the person sees herself without projections and self-delusion.

The Idiot Guide to Creativity & Career

THE IDIOT GUIDE TO CREATIVITY & CAREER is alternative in the sense that it doesn’t offer quick fixes, but an approach to raise the awareness level of the whole of the person. The author contends that true selfhelp must encourage the reader to be critical in the first place, and develop their self-thinking abilities, which is one quality of several when designing a first-hand life and becoming truly responsible for our destiny. To be critical means to question tradition and authority, in the first place; it means to look for realizing our personal style and cognitive preferences.

The guide addresses a young audience and all those who are, later in life, in need of career change and expansion. The main focus of the guide is upon developing and using creativity as a primary tool for personal growth and expansion, and further, the creative expansion of the whole self. The author’s approach is holistic and spiritual in the sense that it considers the human being as a functional and organic organism that is primarily self-organizing and that is mainly driven by an inner program. We are directing our destinies through the inner programs we are writing, while most people do this unconsciously. From the moment we begin to take charge of our lives and begin living a first-hand life, we begin to consciously direct our destiny. We do this first of all by reprogramming ourselves.

There are few selfhelp guides that are deliberately holistic in their approach, that offer an encyclopedic approach to knowledge, which encompasses non-mainstream knowledge, that are beyond giving quick fixes and that are academic in the sense to be based on almost three decades of academic research. The value of this guide also consists in the fact that the author’s own life path is an accidented one in the sense that he was misled early in life, driven into the wrong career, which was a considerable waste of time, more than two decades of a life wasted with being around the wrong people, studying the wrong majors, suffering endless frustrations, and focusing on qualities and goals that were not his because they were not in alignment with his soul values and karmic challenges.

The Idiot Guide to Emotions

THE IDIOT GUIDE TO EMOTIONS has two functions; it sets out to elucidate the nature and functions of our emotions, and provides clear instructions and examples how to handle them and keep them in a healthy balance. The author stresses the fact that emotions have a kaleidoscopic nature, that all emotions are interlocked and that balance is vital to emotions in the sense that they assume a rather negative and devastating character when getting out of balance.

The author demonstrates in this cutting-edge selfhelp guide that most passion crimes are committed because people mishandle their emotions, or have never learnt to handle them in the first place. This is so because in our culture the bioenergetic nature of emotions is veiled or outright rejected; this means emotions are not seen as what they are, that is, flowing streams of vital energy that are part of our luminous body. In addition, emotions are completely misconstrued by Western science and psychology as static elements of cognition.

The audience for this guide is both professional and the lay audience, including those who are directly concerned and who have a problem with handling their emotional flow. The need for solutions to our emotional problems is not only an individual quest, but also a matter of public hygiene. It results from our our collective denial of the basic patterns of living. This collective denial resulted in our messing up the code of life, thereby bringing about large-scale perversion and violence. The social and legal policies in place for handling antisocial conduct are largely ineffective because they are based on the ignorance of bioenergetic truth and reality.

The guide contains effective solutions both for the individual quest for emotional sanity and for forging new and effective social and legal policies for handling emotional flow within society at large, and with the ultimate objective to regulate our social conduct responsibly and without the need of law enforcement, coercion and monolithic state control.

The Idiot Guide to Intuition

THE IDIOT GUIDE TO INTUITION is a guide for developing intuition in everyone’s life. The author shows in the three parts of the book, the awakening of true innocence, the recovery and healing of the inner child, and the eschatological experience of awakening to soul, how to develop deep intuition.

Each of these large themes was originally a standalone selfhelp guide, but the editor assembled them in one single guide as they are complementary units of a unique whole.

It’s almost like a mathematical formula that could be expressed as innocence plus a healthy creative inner child, plus spiritual opening equals intuition. In simpler terms it could be said that intuition is the result of an innocent mind in which the inner child functions without obstructions, in creative freedom, and embedded in an inner team where also the inner adult and the inner parent have their functional right of existence.

Part One is a systematic guide to the how-to for creating innocence. This is being done not by learning something but on the contrary by unlearning much of conditioned knowledge that has to be cleared before true innocence can unfold. The author contends that the meaning of innocence is misconstrued and misunderstood in our culture, especially when it’s applied to children, hence the need to apply true language for making a divide between sentimentality and truth.

Part Two is a guide for recovering and healing our inner child, and inner child artwork, that is, spontaneous art and composition, and Part Three is a quite original text that shows how the reader can develop spirituality by a purely intuitive approach, thereby finding their own genuine approach to religion, as a personal quest.

There is no need to be innocent, it’s a choice but once people see the power of innocence, they may want to give it a try. Innocence is also a safety device, for nothing bad will ever happen to the truly innocent person. Innocence is the true power, it makes for excellent relationships with all beings, it makes for a modest, humble attitude, it makes thereby for a long life, and for good health.

The Idiot Guide to Love

THE IDIOT GUIDE TO LOVE presents an alternative understanding to what is commonly called love, and which is in the author’s view an inextricable unity of form and substance, of emotion and attraction, and as a consequence of emotional attraction and sexual attraction. The author’s special regard is upon sexual paraphilias and he cognitively evaluates uncommon love options, such as pedophilia, showing that they are not as uncommon as one may think and that the official rhetoric regarding adult-child sexual relations is by and large flawed, distorted, irrational, and a direct outflow of consumerist ideology.

This book is a selfhelp guide and not an academic treatise, and it addresses the reader in person, and directly, for the goal of the guide is to help people individually to live their love and desire in a healthy and guilt-free manner that brings blessings to themselves and their mates.

Genuine morality knows to make the distinction between fantasy and real-life action, and thus can act out rape within the safe haven of fantasy. What happens, however, in patriarchal and moralistic culture is that because the imaginary realm is precluded by compulsive morality, the taboo is acted out in situations that are put on stage as exceptional, thus justifying derivations from the norm, such as wars and civil wars, and the eternal massacres of ethnic and tribal minorities, which are thus raped in all possible ways for safeguarding and upholding the collective psychosis within the allegedly righteous large civilizations.

The guide shows that what we choose for ourselves, as our individual life paradigm, has immediate repercussions upon the social arena, and that we are thus responsible for our laws and social policies, if we agree with them or not.

This is an insight that is supported by both radical spirituality (Krishnamurti) and quantum physics, but it has never been rigorously applied to the question of how to establish world peace through the abandonment of all and every moralistic solution, law or policy.

If Gutenberg was a revolution in spreading dogma and collective rigidity, we are currently undergoing a second revolution of the printed book, in its mission to spread non-dogma and collective flexibility.


The present book considers erotic love options of adults for children from the imaginal realm, and under a psychoanalytic perspective.

The author does in no way attempt to normalize or legalize pedophilia, nor does he in any way encourage readers to engage in any kind of sexual relations with children. Much to the contrary, the author argues that men and women with pedoerotic desires should keep all relations with children platonic, that is, non-sexual, in order to comply with criminal law and also for the safety of their love children.

The author expressly warns readers that sexual relations with children are considered as crime in most national jurisdictions around the world, with heavy penalties and prison fines as a consequence!

The Idiot Guide to Sanity

THE IDIOT GUIDE TO SANITY presents an outline for a sane and holistic, consciousness-based education. The author’s educational approach starts from what is, not from what should be, not from an ideal, thus, but from the actual constitution of the human being, with all the complexity inherent in it. He contends that children are born sane and are rendered more or less insane by an educational system that till now considers the human being as the impossible human, that is, a creature that is basically faulty and has to be improved and upgraded by education, and morality. The present view opposes this patriarchal educational paradigm and shows that traditional education brings about fragmentation, ignorance and widespread violence.

The author shows in this guide that a sane educational approach is functional, and not moralistic, and it must overcome the neo-platonic dualism that is rooted in the death instinct, rather than in our libido. As the child is whole by nature, education does not really need to do anything for raising healthy humans. It should rather restrain from doing many things it usually does and that are counter-productive to raising children sanely. The sane educator is one who is able to maintain a healthy balance between emotions and intellect. He will be an observer rather than a manager, a witness rather than a judge, a friend rather than a parent replacement. He accompanies the child, as a guide, a tutor.

The guide demonstrates that the vibrant natural child assumes characteristics that are rather contrary to what is generally considered to be normal in our days. This must be so because the standards set for the education of our children are not child-oriented but industry-oriented. They serve consumer culture first of all, and the child, if ever, only in second instance; they are intended to serve technological progress and therefore are forged to bringing about the consumer child, not the sane child.

Loving education as outlined in this guide refuses to condition the child according to social ideals because they mutilate the natural integrity and wholeness of the child.

The audience for this guide are all those involved in educating children, as well as educational policy makers, also parents, educational associations, politicians, pediatricians and child psychologists, and also the lay public, especially those who are looking for a new way to educate children now and in the future.

In addition to the educational theory exposed in this guide, the author coined a special form of consulting that he termed Pedoemotions Consulting (PEC) and which trains the trainers, in that it addresses teachers to handle their pedoemotions, their natural temporary, transient or resilient sexual attractions to some of the children they care for.

These emotions have to be taken serious, they must not be repressed, because this would turn them into sadistic drives, and they have to be talked about and rendered conscious. Then, educators are really at ease with children in their care because what has been silenced can be voiced, and such a liberated condition will have a very beneficial effect upon trustbuilding both between teachers and students and between parents and teachers.

The Idiot Guide to Science

THE IDIOT GUIDE TO SCIENCE presents a historical and systemic outline of holistic science from its tender beginnings as heretical knowledge until today’s more or less established holistic science paradigm as it emerges from the cutting edge of modern science.

The author denotes Cartesian reductionist science as fake because it shuts out from its scientific understanding ten times more than it encompasses in its residual scientific perception of reality. In a time where science and religion converge, to paraphrase Vidette Todaro-Franceschi, it is important to behold for not only a young audience that what is achieved is not to be taken for granted, for it was paid with the price of untold human suffering. It is important to uphold this critical perspective in a time where countless interest groups all try to back their claims up by, often contradictory, scientific research. That is why the book just cites the crude facts of real science to survive in a basically non-scientific (and highly irrational) worldview where science and religion were largely opposing each other.

The author assembled for more than twenty years the material around the research on the cosmic life energy or what today is called the zero-point field, expression used, for example, by Lynne McTaggart, the L-Field in the research of Harold Saxton Burr, the A-Field coined by Ervin Laszlo or the quantum vacuum, to speak in the terminology of William A. Tiller.

The audience for this guide, if ever, is of relatively young age, those who are still in search, who are still not settled and established, and open for novelty. Another niche audience are teachers, caretakers and university professors who may profit for their own lectures from some of the synthetic views on the matter of science, instead of reading long and large originals, and this so much the more as several of the books discussed and reviewed by Wilhelm Reich are difficult to obtain as printed matter.

The present book is however not a scientific treatise, but a selfhelp guide. What it attempts to do is to open the reader’s critical mind or self-thinking capacity, which is of course an endeavor especially targeting younger people. From that starting point, the reader may then inquire by himself or herself, to get a more complete picture.

The Idiot Guide to Servant Leadership

THE IDIOT GUIDE TO SERVANT LEADERSHIP presents a novel approach to understanding and training leadership for top and middle management audiences. This guide is more than a book on teaching leadership to professional audiences in that it addresses the lay reader and shows how to raise leadership qualities in everyone’s life.

The author’s approach is original in the sense that he has enriched and transformed the Western leadership paradigm through basic elements of Oriental wisdom, taken from Zen and the I Ching, thereby expanding the paradigm beyond the borders of the Western corporate culture, and adapting it for the corporate world in South-East Asia. The author claims that his leadership concept fits international culture better than a purely Western leadership concept, also because it meet the needs of an international lay audience that today increasingly consists of free-lancers from all around the world who are eager to build their own personal leadership style, thereby raising their chances of a professional career beyond their national borders.

The ‘Warrior of Peace’ training contained in this guide is the author’s original idea of which he wrote the first draft back in 1997; he further contends that since the Renaissance, the present guide is the first compendium of this kind, in that it offers a holistic approach to leadership and self-improvement. By the same token, the author claims his peak performance concept (Time and Peace) being an absolute novelty, going against all what is currently taught and trained in the coaching and championship industries, as it is based not upon principles developed in sport, but principles applied by sages, hierophants and Zen masters since times immemorial.

The audience for this guide is both the corporate world, free-lancers from all over the world, and an interested lay public that has basic notions of what leadership does and what it is required for. The guide can be read by a young audience as well, and can safely be put in the hands of college students.

The Idiot Guide to Soul Power

THE IDIOT GUIDE TO SOUL POWER is an extensive personal guide manual helping the reader to become aware of their unique soul values. The author came to call our unique power potential primary power or self-power at first, before he introduced the term soul power. The guide not only explains what soul power is, how it can be developed and strengthened, but also what stands in the way to developing it. The author explains that the main obstacle to developing soul power is parent-child co-dependence and emotional abuse, that the author sees as a form of addiction and which he calls symbiotoholism.

After more than twenty years of research on emotional abuse, the author sees the primary etiology of parent-child emotional entanglement, and the fusional entanglement of people with groups and organizations in lacking tactile care of mothers for their infants, and later on, the refusal to grant adolescents a sufficient amount of autonomy to develop their psychosexual love map and gather emosexual experience.

When we grasp the notion of autonomy, we see that all human growth has a destination – and that is why we say we have a destiny. The destination of youth is not to remain young, but to grow old. The destiny of a child is not to remain in childhood but to grow out of childhood.

Building self-power requires to discover one’s self, to build a genuine identity, not one that, for example, is coined as a hanger-identity around our sexual choices, such as being a ‘heterosexual’, a ‘homosexual’, a ‘pedophile’, for example. The author shows that building a genuine soul identity is done through discovering our innocence, realizing our primary power, developing our soul reality, accepting our marginality instead of striving for conformity, recovering and healing our inner child, liberating our inner Minotaur, thereby discovering our shadow, and our projections, and learning to see that a holographic image of the whole of mythology and human evolution is contained in our soul.

As the topic of individuation is highly neglected in our school system and is neither a topic to be taught at university, and as in addition the notion of soul and soul values doesn’t really fit in a materialistic and non-spiritual society, there is an obvious need for a mind-opening approach to personal growth that is provided with this guide.

The Idiot Guide to World Peace

THE IDIOT GUIDE TO WORLD PEACE presents an alternative approach to the question of how to bring about world peace. The author’s point of departure is that a fundamental change of the current violence-inducing social and political structures can only come about through a psychological transformation on the individual psychic level.

The book provides the reader with the tools for inner change, by offering alternative information, not readily available with the mass media, so as to sharpen the individual’s critical mind, by fostering creative thinking along the lines of peacemaking. It is obvious that every peace process must start at the level of the individual, and at the inner level, the level of the mindbody, and the spirit.

This is so because work on our inner selves brings to daylight that violence really begins inside, before it catalyzes in the outside world as a result of many people’s inner war. The imperative is thus to stop this inner war first of all.

While the author provides conclusive information about political and legal strategies for bringing peace to the world, these strategies or policies alone will achieve nothing of grand impact if not a change of consciousness on the inner human level accompanies them. This is so much the more important when socially explosive and somehow painful social and personal problems are concerned, for then it really is paramount to be flexible and open-minded for finding more peaceful and human approaches to deal with them.

The author shows with quite a body of evidence that world peace is and remains utopia if we continue to deny viable solutions to today’s stringent social questions that are more or less veiled by the mass media, or presented in a distorted manner.

Science has given clues for us to be certain that the pleasure function is the natural self-regulative motor that promotes human solutions, communication and peaceful interaction. The way to fight violence, to paraphrase James W. Prescott, is to enhance pleasure, and first of all tactile pleasure, and to bring caring touch again in all forms of human interaction, especially with the young.

Adult-child affectionate relations and non-harmful erotic interaction has to be recognized and socially coded; without bringing this about as a new social paradigm and policy, world peace cannot be achieved. Why this is so, while it may be a novel insight for many, the author elucidates in this guide.

Wege zur Selbstentfaltung (German)

WEGE ZUR SELBSTENTFALTUNG ist ein Handbuch zur Lebensberatung und ist in acht Etappen gegliedert, die die folgenden Bereiche behandeln.
– Erste Etappe:
Bildung von Autonomie, auch später im Leben, wenn die Kindheit es nicht möglich machte wegen mehr oder weniger stringenter Kodependenz mit einem Elternteil, oder emotionalem Missbrauch
– Zweite Etappe
Bildung von Eigenmacht, welches die Macht nicht der Gesellschaft ist, sondern die (nicht-missbräuchliche) Macht des Selbstes oder der Seele. Eigenmacht ist natürlicherweise integrativ, nicht destruktiv.
– Dritte Etappe
Integration unserer Emotionen, indem wir sie als ein System ansehen, in welchem alle Emotionen vernetzt sind einem kaleidoskopartigen energetischen Zusammenhang
– Vierte Etappe
Erwachen und Heilung des inneren Kindes
– Fünfte Etappe
Erweckung unserer ganz persönlichen Kreativität
– Sechste Etappe
Erlangung von Positivität, Überwindung von Negativität
– Siebte Etappe
Bildung von Selbstbewusstsein und Eigenliebe
– Achte Etappe
Weisheit durch Einsicht in unsere innere Yin-Yang Natur, die Tatsache, dass wir alle psychisch gesehen bisexuell und androgyn sind

Der Trainingsbereich mit neun Arbeitsbögen rundet das Buch ab.

Zielgruppen des Buches sind einerseits Professionelle, die eine Vision suchen für Persönlichkeitsentwicklung, also zum Beispiel H.R. Manager und Unternehmensberater, zum anderen aber auch Laien, die ihre beruflichen Chancen, ihr Selbstwertgefühl, und ihr kreatives Denkvermögen verbessern möchten.

Die Originalität des Buches ist die Kombination zwischen Lebensberatung und wissenschaftlicher Forschung über Entwicklung der Persönlichkeit. Zum Wachsen der Persönlichkeit ist erforderlich, dass Menschen sich ihrer inneren Zustände, ihrer Gefühle und Gedanken, ihrer inneren Konflikte bewusst werden. Das ist es denn auch, was das vorliegende Buch leisten kann: dieses Bewusstsein zu erwecken, oder zu erhöhen.

Wege zum Weltfrieden (German)

WEGE ZUM WELTFRIEDEN ist ein Buch, das aufzeigt, dass Gewalt in der Welt eine direkte Folge der Gewalt ist, die wir uns selbst antun, und die kompulsive Moral uns als Menschheit seit fünftausend Jahren Patriarchat und falschen Lebensprinzipien angetan hat.

Das Buch ist sowohl analytisch als auch synthetisch, indem es Lösungen zum Weltfrieden aufzeigt, die wohl möglich sind, bisher aber mangels politischem Willen nicht realisiert wurden. Diese Lösungen beruhen auf wohlbekannten Untersuchen über die Ursachen der Gewalt und der Bewusstseinsforschung.

Es seien hier nur die Forschung des britischen Neurologen Herbert James Campbell und die Gewaltforschung des amerikanischen Neuropsychologen James W. Prescott erwähnt, die die gegenseitige Ausschliesslichkeit von Lust und Gewalt wissenschaftlich fundiert haben. Darüber hinaus umfasst die Forschung des Autors für diesen Band die Publikationen Ervin Laszlos über den Chaos-Punkt und die absolute Notwendigkeit der Entwicklung eines planetaren Bewusstseins, um eine nicht unwahrscheinliche Katastrophe zwischen den Jahren 2012 und 2020 abzuwenden, welche zum Untergang der Menschheit führen könnte.

Das allgemeine Getön in den Medien zeigt auf, dass an den wahren Themen, die zur Debatte stehen, nicht gerührt und gerüttelt werden kann, weil es politisch ‘nicht korrekt’ ist in einer Zeit, wo die Richtung immer weiter nach ‘rechts’ geht, politisch gesprochen. Daher kann es nicht ‘normal’ erscheinen, was wirklich Frieden bringt, denn die Massen sind gehirngewaschen in Gewalt und mehr Gewalt jedes Jahr, weil Gewalt das Sagen hat heute, und nicht Frieden, nicht Permissivität, und Sensualität, und Ausgeglichenheit.

Der Nutzen des Buches als Lebenshilfe besteht in den praktischen und getesteten Ratschlägen bestehen, die der Autor aus seiner Erfahrung als Unternehmensberater und Seminarleiter entwickelt hat. Dieser Nutzen ist umso grösser, als die Lösungen, die der Autor anbietet, von zwanzig Jahren Forschung gestützt werden, also als wissenschaftlich abgesichert angesehen werden können.

Zielgruppen des Buches sind aufgeweckte Menschen, die eine Vision suchen für Weltfrieden, welche nicht auf irgendeiner Massenreligion beruht, sondern auf Vernunft aufbaut, oder besser gesagt, gesunden Menschenverstand. Akademische Bildung ist nicht notwendig, um die Sprache des Autors zu verstehen, obwohl es wohl nützlich ist, wenn Leser die Quellen nachschlagen.

About Me

Rev. Dr. Peter Fritz Walter

While having a doctoral degree in law, and was trained as an international lawyer, my interest is focused upon the humanities, education, holistic science, philosophy, and the propagation of a systemic, holistic and ecological worldview. 

I am also an artist, composer, pianist, and photographer.

In October 1998 I established Sirius-C Media Galaxy LLC in Delaware, USA, which functions as my company for publishing and media production.

From 2018 I specialized on producing life-improving media and web presences for self-development.

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The 12 Idiot Guides

Wege zum Weltfrieden

WEGE ZUM WELTFRIEDEN ist ein Buch, das aufzeigt, dass Gewalt in der Welt eine direkte Folge der Gewalt ist, die wir uns selbst antun, und die kompulsive Moral uns als Menschheit seit fünftausend Jahren Patriarchat und falschen Lebensprinzipien angetan hat. Das Buch ist sowohl analytisch als auch synthetisch, indem es Lösungen zum Weltfrieden aufzeigt, die …

Wege zur Selbstentfaltung

WEGE ZUR SELBSTENTFALTUNG ist ein Handbuch zur Lebensberatung und ist in acht Etappen gegliedert, die die folgenden Bereiche behandeln.—Erste Etappe:Bildung von Autonomie, auch später im Leben, wenn die Kindheit es nicht möglich machte wegen mehr oder weniger stringenter Kodependenz mit einem Elternteil, oder emotionalem Missbrauch—Zweite EtappeBildung von Eigenmacht, welches die Macht nicht der Gesellschaft ist, …