The Idiot Guide to Creativity & Career

The Idiot Guide to Creativity and Career is alternative in the sense that it doesn’t offer quick fixes, but an approach to raise the awareness level of the whole of the person. The author contends that true selfhelp must encourage the reader to be critical in the first place, and develop their self-thinking abilities, which is one quality of several when designing a first-hand life and becoming truly responsible for our destiny. To be critical means to question tradition and authority, in the first place; it means to look for realizing our personal style and cognitive preferences.

The guide addresses a young audience and all those who are, later in life, in need of career change and expansion. The main focus of the guide is upon developing and using creativity as a primary tool for personal growth and expansion, and further, the creative expansion of the whole self. The author’s approach is holistic and spiritual in the sense that it considers the human being as a functional and organic organism that is primarily self-organizing and that is mainly driven by an inner program. We are directing our destinies through the inner programs we are writing, while most people do this unconsciously. From the moment we begin to take charge of our lives and begin living a first-hand life, we begin to consciously direct our destiny. We do this first of all by reprogramming ourselves.

There are few selfhelp guides that are deliberately holistic in their approach, that offer an encyclopedic approach to knowledge, which encompasses non-mainstream knowledge, that are beyond giving quick fixes and that are academic in the sense to be based on almost three decades of academic research. The value of this guide also consists in the fact that the author’s own life path is an accidented one in the sense that he was misled early in life, driven into the wrong career, which was a considerable waste of time, more than two decades of a life wasted with being around the wrong people, studying the wrong majors, suffering endless frustrations, and focusing on qualities and goals that were not his because they were not in alignment with his soul values and karmic challenges.

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The Idiot Guide to Consciousness

The Idiot Guide to Consciousness presents a novelty approach to consciousness research. The author shows that boosting our level of self-awareness can be undertaken as a deliberate activity, and has nothing ‘magic’ about it. 5000 years of patriarchy by and large suppressed the intuitive wisdom of the ancient world and replaced it by large-scale dogmatism and the control of the individual by first the ecclesiastical dominators and later the nation states with their blown-up police forces, their secret agents, and their fast growing prison miles. This led to more and more people being discarded out of mainstream society because of their intellectual, emotional and sexual difference.

However, people often do not realize their highest potential because they lack a critical mindset in the face of conformity pressure and the general solidifying framework of modern consumer culture that models citizens instead of accepting them as they are – in their full humanity. To develop humanity at a level beyond the norm, self-awareness and critical thinking must go together, whereas mere criticism leads to inevitable projections.
The approach the author has taken is to combine insights from his background in law and political science with consciousness research, and to offer the reader practical work tools for developing self-awareness.

Consciousness boosting is achieved through writing statements where the reader intuits their present level of awareness in all areas treated in the guide, that is General Level, Love, Power, Science, Health, Emotions, and Peace. After having done this awareness check, consciousness will do the rest, for it is self-healing, self-cleaning, self-renewing and self-progressing from the moment the person sees herself without projections and self-delusion.