The Idiot Guide to Intuition

The Idiot Guide to Intuition is a guide for developing intuition in everyone’s life. The author shows in the three parts of the book, the awakening of true innocence, the recovery and healing of the inner child, and the eschatological experience of awakening to soul, how to develop deep intuition.

Each of these large themes was originally a standalone selfhelp guide, but the editor assembled them in one single guide as they are complementary units of a unique whole.

It’s almost like a mathematical formula that could be expressed as innocence plus a healthy creative inner child, plus spiritual opening equals intuition. In simpler terms it could be said that intuition is the result of an innocent mind in which the inner child functions without obstructions, in creative freedom, and embedded in an inner team where also the inner adult and the inner parent have their functional right of existence.

Part One is a systematic guide to the how-to for creating innocence. This is being done not by learning something but on the contrary by unlearning much of conditioned knowledge that has to be cleared before true innocence can unfold. The author contends that the meaning of innocence is misconstrued and misunderstood in our culture, especially when it’s applied to children, hence the need to apply true language for making a divide between sentimentality and truth.

Part Two is a guide for recovering and healing our inner child, and inner child artwork, that is, spontaneous art and composition, and Part Three is a quite original text that shows how the reader can develop spirituality by a purely intuitive approach, thereby finding their own genuine approach to religion, as a personal quest.

There is no need to be innocent, it’s a choice but once people see the power of innocence, they may want to give it a try. Innocence is also a safety device, for nothing bad will ever happen to the truly innocent person. Innocence is the true power, it makes for excellent relationships with all beings, it makes for a modest, humble attitude, it makes thereby for a long life, and for good health.