The Idiot Guide to Servant Leadership

The Idiot Guide to Servant Leadership presents a novel approach to understanding and training leadership for top and middle management audiences. This guide is more than a book on teaching leadership to professional audiences in that it addresses the lay reader and shows how to raise leadership qualities in everyone’s life.

My approach is original in the sense that I have enriched and transformed the Western leadership paradigm through basic elements of Oriental wisdom, taken from Zen and the I Ching, thereby expanding the paradigm beyond the borders of the Western corporate culture, and adapting it for the corporate world in South-East Asia. I know from my corporate training experience in South-East Asia that my leadership approach fits international culture better than a purely Western leadership concept.

This is so because all modern leadership is value-based and as such must be made fit the cultural setup in which it operates. That means that it must respect the value system of the particular culture where it is applied. As such, my approach also can meet the needs of an international lay audience that, today increasingly consisting of free-lancers from all around the world, is eager to build their own personal leadership style, thereby raising their chances of a professional career beyond their national borders.

To achieve the latter goal, I needed to create a flexible leadership approach. I contend that the traditional Western leadership concept cannot fit international culture, because it is authoritarian, outdated and hierarchical, and based on our patriarchal past. That is why, as a byproduct of Colonialism, it is (understandably) rejected by many developing countries, while my leadership concept, that grew over several years as a result of careful observation of the South-East Asian corporate culture, is set to be a model or prototype for the international corporate world.